Over the past few months the core shop floor has integrated some new work center stations via the Z125 and Quick Connect 5S kaizen events. Updating the work space to improve efficiency and support kaizen efforts has been one of Manufacturing Manager Greg Jagemann’s goals over the past few years. After a few trials and prototypes, the company has now developed a standard station that will help improve the work space at each area on the shop floor.

One of the main objectives with the work center stations is to provide the same environment from workcenter to workcenter. Each stand will look the same and have vital information displayed in the same location on each stand. The front of the workcenter stand will have space to display part, quality, and efficiency information. 

Jagemann™ Stamping has been implementing new computers for each machine. Currently, some computers are used for multiple work centers, but the goal is to have a designated computer for each individual workcenter as we complete our kaizen events. This stand will be where all the quality checks at the press are done, so gauges will be located on the stand as well, freeing up more room on the workbench. The back of the workcenter stand will be used too, displaying various Continuous Improvement data.

There are currently eight workcenter stands throughout the core area, mostly in our quick connect and fineblanking areas. More work center stands will continue to fill the plant as the company rolls out more 5S Kaizen events at various workcenter groups. The maintenance and IT departments were very helpful in the creation of these stands and we thank them for their continued support in this program.