• 70+ presses ranging in size from 15 to 700 tons
• Transfer, Progressive and Fineblank
• Raw material types including Steel, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Brass, Copper, Bronze, HSLA and others
• Plastics: Highly engineered resins such as TPE’s (thermoplastic elastomers) to resins with filler contents in excess of 40%
• Extreme deep draw up to 9+ inch depth
• On-site toolroom resulting in faster response times and in-house engineering for cost effective solutions to complex design challenges.

Stamping Process

Jagemann™ Stamping is proud to provide several distinct capabilities: Deep-draw, progressive, fineblank, injection molding and overmold stampings. This allows us to offer comprehensive solutions to diverse stamping needs.


Deep drawing refers to the metal forming process in which a small disc of metal, or cup, is drawn into a forming die by the action of a mechanical punch.


Fineblanking is time efficiency at its best: fineblanking is capable of condensing several steps normally present in traditional stamping.


Progressive stamping refers to the metalworking method that can include punching, coining and bending to form specific shapes and functions.

Plastics Molding

Injection molding refers to the process of injecting heated plastic material into a mold.

Over Molding is a process in which a mold cavity is first partially filled with one plastic and then a second shot is injected to encapsulate the first shot.

Secondary Operations / Value Added Services

Jagemann™ offers secondary operations thereby eliminating time, money and added stress in working with additional suppliers for these services.

Jagemann™ can provide bending, belt sand, tumble deburr, deburr, pressure testing, visual inspection, washing and production machining in-house.


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