MANITOWOC, Wis. – Jagemann Stamping Company is excited to announce that it has expanded its organizational structure to include more leadership roles than ever before. As part of a new business strategy, Jagemann has created five new positions to prepare for company growth.

Jagemann employees stepping into new roles as directors of the company’s many business segments include Dan Myers, John Ryan, Greg Jagemann™, Pat Fix, and Barry Schardt. They will be at the head of the fields of Fineblank Technology, Deep Draw Production, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing and Quality, and Engineering and Automation Technology respectively.

Through this expansion of organizational structure, Jagemann hopes to align leadership positions with its numerous business segments. As Jagemann enters its 73rd year of business, it has developed a reputation as a “Made in the USA” company with a family feel and corporate success. An expected growth in key customer base, market demand, and product development is the driving force behind the increased leadership opportunities within the company.

Jagemann Precision Plastics, the company’s arm of business located in Tennessee, has already implemented this approach with great success. Jagemann Stamping aims to mirror the increased accountability, productivity, and organization achieved through expanded leadership roles in the Tennessee facility.

Over the years, Jagemann has continually invested in its employees by creating opportunities for increased responsibility within the company. The company plans to continue this trend for many years to come. For all other inquiries, please contact Renee O’Farrell,

Pat Fix

John Ryan

Barry Schardt

Dan Myers

Greg Jagemann