There are several classrooms at Jagemann™ Stamping where training sessions occur. Properly training employees is vital to the success of the company as our employee’s learn to be as efficient as possible. Greater efficiency insures lower costs and greater speeds, both of which is extremely important at Jagemann. The three styles of training are as follows: instructor lead, mentor lead, and self-directed. These approaches allows the trainee to go from in the classroom learning, to watching their mentor, to hands on, first person experiences.

Recently, 57 Jagemann™ Stamping employees completed and passed an eight hour training session focused on mentor training. Mentor training is important to the culture of Jagemann™ Stamping, as the goal of the course is to prepare individuals to mentor any new or future employees. By training current employees for future ones, it allows the trainees to understand what it’s like to be new to a company again, and how to effectively communicate and collaborate with an inexperienced hire.

The mentor training was taught by a local, technical college instructor who specializes in Human Resources leadership development.

The purpose of the Mentor Program is to facilitate the development of employees by tapping into the experience and knowledge of more experienced employees.  With regular interaction between the Team Member and Mentor, Jagemann™ Stamping (JSC) benefits by ensuring the transfer of organization knowledge to the Team Member and by helping Team Members develop to their full potential.  This development will assure job satisfaction for the Team Member and increased business performance for JSC.

Recently ten Jagemann™ employees completed the Press Technician I Training Program. In this training program, employees are taught a sufficient level of basic knowledge to operate standard presses. Trainees must complete 30 designated courses to become a Press Technician I. The program has a maximum completion length of 20 weeks and is designed with three phases. Phase one is self-directed, phase two is mentor lead and phase three is instructor lead.

Ted Hermann, Manager of Training and Development is the primary instructor who has been teaching informational classes long before his time here at Jagemann. With 30+ years in the manufacturing industry; his vast knowledge and understanding is extensive.

It is no secret that Jagemann™ Stamping focuses a lot of time and resources on educating its team. Whether it’s with new Press Technicians going through their Press Technician I Training Program, Casing Support Technician completing the Brut Operational Training, or a seasoned veteran employee adding onto their own education, Jagemann™ Stamping is willing to provide the tools to help the employees succeed. The company’s ability to grow depends on continuous education, which the Human Resource Department takes pride in being a part of it.