We are starting to see the growth from 14 new tools with the programs awarded at the end of 2014 and launched early 2015. Full year growth for 2014 was 15%, 12% of that being new tool sales. YTD 2015 we are seeing a 25% increase in total sales with 2.5% of that sales in new tools. Again parts sales are on the rise and will continue to see volume increases for 2016 and 2017 for these programs.


New programs continue to be on the rise as well. The team is currently working on 5 new jobs with one that is in the award stages and will utilize the 700 plus press capacity.

With this growth, we have added in-house machining capabilities. Our customers are supportive of the decision and which has made Jagemann™ more competitive on certain components in the market place. As part of this process, we have purchased a Robodrill for a high volume job that involves milling a pocket in the fineblanked component and moved a Mazak machining center from the toolroom to the plant floor.  The Mazak will machine lower volume components with longer cycle times. Next, the team is investigating machining in house a facing of a flange surface for plate housing. This will utilize the Wasino lathe as the current production volume is declining, which in turn will open up capacity.

The new HFA 700 plus Fineblank press has been fully installed and has been operational since June. A set of 250 ton tool adapter rings has been designed and built to run some of the thicker material 250 ton jobs. . We have a high volume job which the tool is built and is in final try outs that is planned to start production early 2016 in the new 700 plus press. Lastly, the newly awarded job is a four part number high volume program for this press.