Over the last few years, Jagemann’s tool room has purchased some key pieces of equipment to help increase machining capacity and capabilities.  Tooling is becoming more difficult to make, tolerances are getting tighter and tooling is more complex.   The new equipment, along with highly skilled machinists, allows Jagemann™ to hold tighter tolerances.  Three years ago most of the tools were machined to tolerances of +-.0005, while today; +-.0001 is the norm. Recent Jagemann™ equipment purchases include an internal grinder, wire EDM, quick change chucks as well as a 4axis lathe.  These new pieces of equipment allows for Jagemann™ to machine parts to tighter tolerances and reduce set-up time. 

IMG 1303

When the internal grinder equipment workload was increasing, Jagemann™ had difficulty with completing the tooling on time.  Today, with added capacity and three trained operators Jagemann™ has the ability to manufacture quality tooling that’s the most cost effective to both our customers, and ourselves.

The added wire capacity helps our throughput by increasing product efficiency.   Several new fine blanking and progressive dies developed this year; they have proven to be instrumental to helping Jagemann.  Without this type of equipment; developing these tools on time would’ve been a challenge for Jagemann.

Our 4axis lathe is helping us gain efficiencies.  On some parts this machine will eliminate the need for a secondary machining operation.  The tool room also purchased 2 quick change collet chucks for the CNC lathes.   Both Jagemann™ and the tool room will continue to learn ways to take the process time out of tooling.

All of this new equipment along with trained tool makers has given the tool room the ability to hold tighter tolerances, machine more complex shapes and produce tooling more accurately with better precision. Without this type of equipment; developing these tools on time was the greatest challenge.

Going forward, Jagemann™ strives to continue to find ways to take process time out of tooling, to increase production efficiency, and to produce the best possible tools for our customers.