Normally when reading a “What’s New in Manufacturing” article, it’s common to see pictures and information on a specific new piece of equipment or a new technology that Jagemann™ has recently implemented.  And while it’s important to highlight Jagemann’s growth and additions, as well as our new capabilities, it’s also important – not to overlook the core business and being the best at what we do.  In the competitive North American and global markets, we are always striving to efficiently provide high quality parts at the best cost to our customers.  


 Jagemann™ recently launched our Continuous Improvement process.  This process involves a complete revamping of the program, with guided direction from Cath Stuntz.  The new program is managed by multiple teams:

1)     A steering committee at the management and executive level (7 employees)

2)     Continuous Improvement Coordinators from all levels of the organization. (13 employees) 

3)     CI teams in each department including support/administration, tool room, maintenance and our manufacturing departments. (35 employees)

55 employees driving the continuous improvement process along with all the employees that have participated in our 9 kaizen events to date.

One of the key focuses with the new program was to identify and prioritize “weaknesses” or “flaws” and set up a schedule of kaizen events to address them.  Another goal was to re-energize our CI boards.   While we may not be able to get everything done right away that we would like, we have seen some great ideas and big improvements!

To date Jagemann™ has completed three transactional and six industrial Kaizen events.  One of the biggest concerns identified right away was improvements and consistency in the on-boarding process for new employees, which was our first event.  We now have a clearly outlined process that has been in place since April.  

For Jagemann™, splitting the focus between transactional items, like the on-boarding process, and industrial processes like 5S on the shop floor has been a major change in our Continuous Improvement program. We ensure, our managers and supervisors will continue to implement and support the changes that were made.  To maintain this program and ensure sustainability to all activities, everyone here at Jagemann™ will strive not to let items slip or fall backwards.  Jagemann™ prides itself in using the best technology, with the best people, to give you the best finished product possible.