Plastic Injection Molding

As a custom injection molding company our specialty is high precision components made from a wide variety of engineering grade resins. We have extensive experience in the processing of specialty filled and unfilled engineering grade resins.

Through the use of sophisticated equipment we can automate the process and maintain an optimal cycle to elevate part quality and repeatability thereby reducing waste.

We can offer a solution that will meet your needs. Contact us today.

Plastic Over Molding

Let start with defining over molding: Over molding is a molding process in which two or more materials are combined to produce a single part. Insert molding is the process of introducing a metal stamping, progressive lead frame, fastener or substrate into the mold prior to injection and encapsulating this insert in resin to form a complete assembly.

Our ability to integrate our fine blanking, deep draw stamping and molding capabilities gives us the capacity to offer our customers a complete manufacturing solution while adhering to the tightest of tolerances.

If you are unsure if your part can be molded Contact us and we can work together to bring your product to market.


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